Dear Homeowner,
We are so glad you found your way to us!  Please scroll down for the application.  Rebuilding Together Litchfield County, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization which repairs the homes of Litchfield County residents who are over 60 years of age and/or are handicapped persons who are unable to manage necessary home repairs themselves.

Volunteers, who are generally not professionals, do the work. Repairs are done safely and in compliance with code restrictions, but again, are not performed by professionals. Our biggest concerns are with safety, health factors and the functioning systems of a home.
If your home is chosen for repair work, all repairs will be completed free of charge – however, the places in your home where work will be done, all personal items will need to be packed, moved, etc. We want you as a partner in this process. We ask that you and/or any able-bodied members of your household participate alongside volunteers in repairs to the best of your ability. Please understand that we receive many applications and are working to fill the need with limited resources. 

Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication of program information should contact Rebuilding Together Litchfield County at TDD 800-735-12905 Phone 203-240-9666 or This organization is an equal opportunity provider. Please print all information clearly. If you need help filling out an application, please contact us.
Nancy Rebehn