Rebuild Day, 4th weekend in April annually: individual sites worked at by teams from religious/civic/municipal or business groups.  Work scheduled at sites only as funding permits each year. Increased visibility in Litchfield County will provide increased much needed funding, homeowner referrals, and volunteer teams. Emphasis will be placed on community recognition. 


There is a potential for creating smaller geographic zones with Board Members from each zone, or a group of zone advisors that would control travel distances for site assessments, etc.


Homeowner (Maintenance) Training using Rebuilding Together Volunteersor paid instructors. Training are in cooperation with local Community groups, Senior Centers, Western Connecticut AAA and other organizations creating partnerships.  


  • Rebuilding Together "Safe at Home" program

  • Rebuilding Together local affiliates are responsible for constructing budget, trainers and ‘hands on’ equipment necessary 


Using paid contract labor, when necessary, who are reliable and can/will respond quickly & are known and therefore trusted to be referred to our Homeowners in need Emergency Year-Round repairs. 

  • We would be sure that work was done in a timely way

  • Work would be billed to Rebuilding Together Litchfield County directly.