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Choose to Volunteer

Volunteer heart, become a rebuilder.

We invite you and your family to consider joining Rebuilding Together Litchfield County’s volunteer group.

We are always looking for motivated volunteers who would like to contribute their talents. If you would like to contribute yours, please email so we can be in touch. Rebuilding Together does specialty work in the repair of homes, however, there is a great need for people to volunteer their ‘willing hands’ as helpers, painters, materials pick-up, photographers, lunch preparation and delivery (that includes cookies too). Our skilled volunteers and technical support teams are invaluable – they are the leads on the home repairs and are our ‘go-to’ experts. 

Our ability to make repairs relies largely on available budget and volunteers; even if the repair concerns match up with our priorities, it does not mean that we will definitely be able to work a home, due to a lack of volunteers available. We strive to manage our resources wisely and to be good stewards of the donations, grants and awards entrusted to us, however, there are periods when demand for services far outdistance our capacity to serve. If that is the case, homeowners may be placed on a waiting list. Maybe your talents will match some of the needs of homeowners.

As a potential volunteer, we’d like you to be aware of what we repair. Generally, we concentrate on repairs that make a home safe, secure and weatherproof.

Volunteer worker cutting board with power saw
Our Main Priorities are:
  • Alleviating substandard conditions and safety hazards in a home.

  • Providing home modifications for better accessibility and independence of elderly/ disabled individuals.

  • Increasing energy efficiency and weatherization in a home. We have the ability to do most any repair in a home.

What We Don't Repair
  • Major HVAC

  • Major Concrete Work

  • Aesthetic Remodeling

  • Rental homes, Multi-family homes or Investment properties

  • Homes with Lead Based Paint - Painted prior to 1978

Let's Get Started! Become a Volunteer!!
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