Sponsors Are the Muscle in 
Rebuilding Together

Your business or organization can sponsor a house.

Rebuilding Together always has more homeowners that need help than we can work with each year. 

That's why, in addition to the generous sponsors listed above, we need your help to sponsor a house.


What is a sponsor?

A sponsor is a business or an organization which provides a team of volunteers and usually makes

a donation to Rebuilding Together to help pay for the cost of repairing a home.


Team sizes and donations vary widely depending upon the ability of the sponsor.  Some teams are

better at pulling together volunteers.  Others are better at providing funding. In each case, Rebuilding Together matches sponsors with an appropriate home which matches their ability to participate. Typically a sponsor will provide between 7 and 40 volunteers and make a donation to Rebuilding Together Litchfield County of between $1,500 and $5,000 depending on the scope of the project they will undertake.


Rebuilding Together will provide a house captain if needed who will assist the team with every step of the project.  Rebuilding Together will also provide skilled carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc. as needed.


Every business or organization, no matter what the size or scope of participation is welcome.  Working on a house with Rebuilding Together is a wonderful opportunity to network, earn media attention, build teams, improve neighborhoods and give back to the community.


Thank you to our Funding Partners, Donors, Discounters, and Mentors: Connecticut Community Foundation;& #GiveLocal, Lena Benas Fund; Marion Isabell Coe Fund; USDA-RD 533 Housing Preservation Award; Webster Bank; Rotary Club of New Milford; Church of Christ Congregational-Norfolk; Union Savings Foundation; Wells Fargo Foundation; Charter Communications; Reid Technical Support; Pitney Bowes; Haeber Capital; Connecticut Business Services; RT.7 Deli-New Milford; Diana Reid; Tegan Baker; F W Webb; DANKO; Lowe’s Stores; Danbury & Torrington; Serve-Pro Brookfield; H H Taylor; Education Without Walls- New Milford; Patterson Plumbing Supply; Bogues Construction LLC; Don Ryan; The Gunnery; Mike’s Roofing and Gutters LLC; Brookfield; New Castle Homes; Mike Gawel & Sons Construction, LLC; Rebuilding Together, Inc (pass through awards- Sears ‘Hero’s at Home’ & Lowe’s Education Foundation); Sherman IGA; Dunn HVAC; Northfield; Aberdeen Associates- Greenwich; Fairway Mechanical Services- Bethel; B & D Controlled Air- New Milford; New Milford Senior Center; Judge Martin Landgrebe; Representative Taylor-Buck; Congresswoman Esty and her office staff; Chatfield Portables; The Greenwich Sentinel; American Red Cross; and our volunteers, without whom we would not be.